Everything You Need to Know about Our Masonry Repair Service

Masonry structures add beauty and class to any property. Whether you have a stone fence, brick outdoor grill, or a beautiful stone retaining wall, we are sure that these masonry elements are the focal points in your property. But, to keep these elements in a top condition, you need to ensure regular masonry repair services.

Tuck-pointing is a masonry repair service that addresses joint problems in masonry constructions. Mortar joints are the weakest parts of a masonry construction. In many cases, they crack and crumble, making the structure weaker and less attractive. It is of the utmost importance to fix these problems as soon as they appear, otherwise you will be looking at a very expensive masonry repair service.

A professional masonry service provider can restore your masonry construction’s former glory by tuck-pointing the damaged mortar joints. All you have to do is call Concrete Impressions by LaPola at (973) 670-7645. We offer quality services at reasonable rates for all residents in Newton, NJ.