Concrete vs. Paves – What’s the Best Material for a Patio?

Here’s Everything You Need to Know about Patio Materials

Building a patio on your property is quite a challenging task. You first need to determine the layout of the patio. Then, you have to clear and level the ground in order to ensure a proper base for your patio. But, the most challenging part is choosing the right material. We’ve decided that concrete and paves are the main contestants for this project.

  • Paves. Paves offer many benefits, including design flexibility, durability, and curb appeal. But, they take a lot of time to install, and this translates into a more expensive service. They are also pretty breakable.
  • Concrete. Until a few years ago, it was not even considered a competitor for paves. However, the new materials and methods that allow contractors to stamp and color concrete surfaces has changed that. You can now install a concrete patio that mimics paves (or any other material for that matter) but without the drawback of hardness of installation.

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